Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Luscious Lashes® Eyelash Extensions:

They’re yours, only better!

Ultimately magnified!

No more messy mascara, your lashes are ready for anything, anytime. Shower, swim, workout.. completely waterproof. At last, the lashes you should have been born with.

You can choose for your lashes to look exaggerated and sexy or go for the more conservative, natural look. We have black and brown and other fun, funky colors.

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Application Process

The application of the Luscious Lashes® eyelash extensions includes applying one single, silky lash extension to each one of your OWN individual lashes.

As a natural part of the eyelash (hair) growth cycle, a person is continuously losing and re-growing new eyelashes. This is why we recommend that our clients come in every three weeks for touch-ups to maintain existing lashes by removing any that are loose and by adding extensions to new hair that has grown in to ensure continual, full lashes.

With Your New Luscious Lashes® Eyelashes..

You can shower, swim, workout.. basically, live your life loving your new lashes! The extensions are totally waterproof, however, immediately following the application, it is best to avoid water and steam on your lashes.

You should always avoid rubbing and pulling on your lashes – if there’s a problem, just let us know. Mascara and oily makeup remover should also be avoided.


Since Luscious Lashes® are applied to the hair and not the skin, chances of allergic reaction or irritation are minimal, however, should irritation occur, please call your Luscious Lashes® Specialist promptly to assess the situation.